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Hidden Benefits of a Hand Car Wash

If you take pride in your vehicle like most, you know that you love seeing your vehicle clean and in great shape. You also know how important regular vehicle maintenance is when it comes to keeping your car in the best condition possible.

We’ve all felt that great feeling of driving away from the car wash smiling from ear to ear because of the amazing feeling of having a clean car. But, have you thought about the differences between going through an automatic car wash to save time and taking the extra care to have your vehicle hand washed with the proper TLC? There are added benefits to a hand car wash that you may have been overlooking.

Woman cleaning windshield by hand

One of the top benefits to a hand car was is a more thorough cleaning, inside and out. Automatic washes spray your car with soap and water and although it may appear clean, they often miss the grooves and hard to reach spots. A hand car wash offers a thorough cleaning that automatic washes just can’t deliver.

Additionally, getting your car washed by hand helps protect your paint, increasing its longevity and integrity over time. Often times, spots of dirt or debris are missed in the washing process and then sealed over with wax or polish. Sealing in this dirt can eat away at your vehicle’s paint. A hand wash provides the extra care and level of detail that your car needs before wax or polish is applied.

Many people choose automatic washes due to time and convenience, but is it really a time savings when you’re then cleaning the interior, including windows, carpets, and more after the wash on your own? At J’s, we understand how valuable your time is, which is why we provide interior services too. With our inside and out washes, you can get the benefits of a hand car wash while also getting the thorough cleaning on the interior of your vehicle in one stop. We provide the same TLC to the exterior and interior of vehicles that come through our wash.

For oversized or specialty vehicle owners, a hand car wash also can be customized and provides better reach to areas that machines typically miss.

Overall, a hand car wash is a more thorough approach to car washing that better protects your vehicles paint and clear coat. J’s offers a wide variety of unlimited hand car wash plans as well, ensuring there’s a plan that will fit your vehicle and lifestyle. Although automatic vehicle washes seem to save time, J’s is dedicated to providing a cost-effective and quick customer experience so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of a hand car wash.