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We wash all vehicle types, inside and out. Bring your oversize trucks, duallys, sports cars, and antiques. And of course, bring your standard cars too!

  • Oversize Trucks (Up to 7’9”)
    • Max tire width of 13"
  • Dually Trucks
  • Specialty Cars
  • Antique Cars
  • Work Trucks
  • Passenger Vans

Best of Boise Winner 2022 and AGAIN in 2023

Hand-Washed Touch Inside and Out

Exterior Services

Carnauba Hot Wax

Carnauba Wax

Carnauba naturally repels water and provides UV protection to shield your vehicle’s surface while providing a softness and shine.


Rain-X Protectant

Rain-X Protectant repels rain, sleet, and snow. It prevents hard water build-up on the clear coat of your vehicle and enhances shine and appearance.


Triple Foam Polish

A three-part soap that is safe for the car but hard on dirt. Besides removing dirt and debris, conditioning and cleaning foam leaves a shine behind.


Underbody Rust Inhibitor

Prevents the build up of rust under your vehicle.


Black Magic Tire Shine

Provides a long-lasting and glossy black finish on your tires.


Towel Dry

Going the extra mile to towel dry your vehicle by hand, giving it the TLC it deserves.

Interior Services



Using the J's proven method, get a spotless window clean across every inch of your vehicle's windows.


Vacuum & Fragrance

Our high-suction vacuums leaves your interior refreshed and clean from debris. Light fragrances available to enhance the clean car feel.


Dash Dusting

Maintain the integrity of your vehicle's interior surfaces with a thorough dusting, removing surface debris.

Keep YourShine


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